Welcome to the Noojee Contact Solutions Product Wiki

    Noojee Contact Solutions delivers specialist telephony solutions for Contact Centres including:

    • Outbound (Predictive Dialers etc)
    • Inbound (Skills, IVR, ACD, Screen Pops etc)
    • Recording
    • PBX
    • Workforce Management
    • Integration between Noojee's technology and your Database/CRM/ERP etc.
    • Lead Cleansing (removal of disconnected numbers)

    The Noojee Contact Solutions Product wiki is dedicated to providing documentation, technical notes, install guides, etc on each of the products we sell. If you require general information on our products or are looking for sales and marketing information then visit our website at www.noojee.com.au.

    Layout of the wiki

    The wiki is structured with a contents menu at the left hand side of the main window, which is a list of all the products we sell.

    Under each heading is a list of sub-headings which are aspects of each of the products, e.g. Noojee Click covers configuration, dialing, installation and FAQ.

    Under each sub-heading there are pages that detail information about the component, how to use and other relevent information.

    Searching the wiki

    All this information can be accessed in 2 ways;

    1. The navigation tree to the left of the wiki pages. This is structured like the contents page of a manual in which you drill down to the area you want to view.

    2. The search field at the top right hand side of the page. To use the search field enter the information you want to locate and the wiki will display a link to all the pages relevent to that information. Click on the link that best suits what you want, if you choose the wrong one click on the back button and it will take you back to the list.

    Keeping the wiki up to date

    Noojee Contact Solutions endeavours to keep the wiki up to date, but sometimes enhancements do come out quicker than we can update this site. If you find any errors within this wiki, or you can not find what you are after feel free to email support@noojee.com.au to let us know the problem.

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