Disaster Recovery - PBX


    Noojee offers a Hosted Disaster Recovery (DR) service for your existing phone system.

    Essentially Noojee's DR service allows your customers to continue calling your business even in the event of a major disaster such as a Fire or Flood.

    Noojee's DR system will work with any phone system and any type of phone line. 

    Noojee's DR system is able to provide coverage for the following types of incidents:

    • PBX failure
    • Telephone Line failure
    • Internet failure (where a VoIP or SIP phone system is used).
    • Fire
    • Flood
    • Storm

    Noojee's DR service is able to continue delivering telephony services to your customers in either a full or a partial faliure of your telephone system(s).

    Full Failure

    A full failure scenario is where all telephony services to your office(s) are inoperable. This can be due to any number of reasons such as a Telephone line outage or major structural damage. In this case the Noojee DR system can be configured either to play an announcement, take a message, redirect calls to one or more mobile phones or another office.

    Exactly how the calls are handled is completely up to you. Noojee's DR system provides an extremely flexible set of routing rules which can be configured to your requirements.

    Partial Failure

    A partial failure scenario can occur when either the PBX or Telephone lines fail but it is possible to get an internet connection to the site. In this scenario your office handsets can be connected to Noojee DR PBX and the inbound numbers redirected to Noojee DR PBX. Once setup the the system will appear to staff and customers as though the system was fully functional. 

    The partial failure scenario does require that you are using or have access to IP telephone handsets. These can either be your existing handsets or Noojee can provide a special 'Soft Phones'. A Soft phone is a software application that runs on a PC and in conjuction with a USB headset provides similar functionality to a desk phone. This can be configured on every staff members desktop PC or just a select few that will operate during a disaster.

    Note: this setup requires the use of IP Handsets and does have specific requirements of your internet connection and you firewalls/routers. 


    In the event of a real disaster where your office is either severely damage or inaccessible you may be able to have staff work from home. With the provision of VoIP telephone handsets and Noojee's DR PBX your staff can work from home and make/take calls as if they were in the office.


    Noojee's DR system will work with any existing PBX and telephone line type. If however you are running a Noojee PBX then Noojee offer an additional service where we do a weekly backup of your Noojee PBX. In the event of a failure of telephony failure Noojee is able to  restore your configuration to the Noojee DR PBX. This ensures that in a DR scenario you will always be running with the most recent phone system  configuration (as of the last backup).

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