2. Create Inbound Route

    Once you have finished installing the Noojee FreePBX module you will need to create an Inbound Route if you are using one of the following products:

    Noojee Click does NOT require an Inbound Route.

    The following provides a visual guide on how to create an Inbound Route for Noojee Receptionist. The same process can be followed for all of Noojee's products the only difference being in the selection from the final 'Set Destination' drop list.

    1) Login

    Login to the FreePBX web interface using your browser.


    2) Select 'Inbound Routes' from the 'Setup' tab.

    2-Select Inbound Routes.png

    3) Enter route details

    Fill in the  following fields:

    • Description
    • DID Number - the main business number that your customers call to talk to reception.

    3-Route Details.png

    4) Set Destination

    Scroll down to the bottom of the Inbound Route page and select 'Noojee Telephony Solutions' from the drop list under 'Set Destination'.

    Confirm that the new drop list, that appears next to the Destination drop list, is set to 'Send call to Noojee Receptionist 4.x'

    4-Set Destination.png

    5) Submit

    Click the 'Submit' button to save the new Inbound Route.

    5-Click Submit.png

    6) Apply Configuration

    As always, click the 'Appy Configuration Changes' link.

    6-Apply Configuration.png

    7) Testing

    You should now be able to make a call to the DID Number you just configured as an Inbound Route and the call should appear in Noojee Receptionist.

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