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    Noojee Answer Bar is an AJAX library that provides a simple means to add Screen Pops to your CRM or any web based application.


    Noojee Answer is designed to be inserted into the footer of your Web application and looks similar to a status bar. The screen shot to the right shows Noojee Answer at the bottom of a Sugar CRM email page.

    The page which is Screen Popped is dynamically controlled and can be dependant on the Caller, the number (DID) they called in on or information such as their account status.

    By default the Answer bar is hidden until a call arrives or you place your mouse near the bottom of the web page.


    When a call arrives the Answer Bar is automatically displayed along with summary information about the caller. When the agent is ready they can answer the call by by clicking the 'Answer' button within the Answer Bar. The call is then answered and screen popped using a dynamically defined URL to view the full caller details within your own Web application.

    Noojee Answer Bar is an optional component of the Noojee Click AJAX libraries. 

    Noojee Answer Bar has a simple configuration page for the end user providing options for screen pops, phone number and phone type.


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