03. Noojee Fax user guide

    AnchorNoojee Fax user guide

    The Noojee Fax user guide is intended for people who use Noojee fax to send faxes on a daily basis.
    If you are looking for notes on how to configure Noojee Fax refer to the document Configuring Noojee Fax.
    Noojee Fax enables you to send a fax using any email application such as:

    • Outlook
    • Outlook Express
    • Thunderbird
    • Eudora
    • Any other email application

    Noojee Fax doesn't need to know which email application (often referred to in this document as an email client) you are using and as such will work with absolutely any email application.
    Depending on how your system administrator has configured Noojee Fax you may need to make some minor configuration changes to your email client. Your system administrator will provide you with the necessary details. If you are the system administrator you can read the notes on configuring email clients for details.

    Noojee Fax Transmit Flow :

    NJ Fax Transmit Flow.png

    Nooje Fax Receive Flow :

    NJ Fax Receive Flow.png




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