04. Configuration

    Noojee Fax configuration has two core components, Asterisk settings and Noojee Fax settings.

    The Noojee Fax settings are contained in two files  which you will find in the 'config' sub-directory of your Noojee Fax install directory (usually /opt/njfax/config):

    • NoojeeFax.xml
    • log4j.xml

    The Asterisk configuration is contained in:

    • /etc/asterisk/manager.conf
    • /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf

    You should note that on some asterisk distributions the actual configuration may be included in a sub-file which is included into one of the above to files. Read the installation notes specific to your distribution for more information.

    Noojee Fax.xml contains all of the critical settings and you will need to modify a number of these settings to get Noojee Fax operational. The installer will set most of these arguments for you.

    The log4j.xml file contains configuration information pertaining thow and where Noojee Fax logs a variety of information. The default configuration will log messages to /var/log/njfax/Noojee Fax.log. It will also write an audit file to audit.log. Unless you are having problems or want to tweak the way logging is performed you can generally ignore the log4j.xml file.

    The outline below gives an organised overview of the Noojee Fax configuration. This tree closely resembles the structure of NoojeeFax.xml. Use the links in the tree to drill down to more detailed information of the selected configuration setting.

    General settings

    • Company Name
    • Return Fax Number
    • Fax header and footer format
    • Templates
    • Page size
    • Working folders
    • Submitter
    • Receiver

    Inbound mail configuration

    • Delivery method
    • Archiving
    • Delivery receipts

    Outbound mail configuration

    • From address
    • SMTP server details

    Debug settings

    • Enabled
    • PreserveTempFiles
    • TxFax
    • TxFaxSimulate
    • Converter
    • Self diagnosis flag

    Asterisk settings

    • Host, username and password

    Outbound fax settings

    • Retries and timeouts
    • Debug flag
    • Outbound fax handlers

    Inbound fax settings

    • Inbound fax handlers


    • Name
    • Count
    • Priority
    • Context


    • Mime type
    • Extension
    • Application
    • Arguments
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