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    faq_64.pngNoojee Fax FAQ

    Is T.38 (Fax over IP or SIP) supported?

    As of Asterisk T.38 is supported and is included in Asterisk. However we recommend that you use 1.6.2 as earlier versions had problems.

    Do I need a Digium card in order to install Noojee Fax?

    If you are going to be using T.38 (Fax over IP) then NO you don't need a Digium (or any other) telephony card.

    I'm using a SIP provider (ITSP) to make calls, can I also use them to send/receive faxes?

    Provided that your ITSP supports T.38 then yes you can send/receive faxes over SIP.

    Can I send faxes over a IAX trunk?

    You must use SIP or a PSTN (analog or ISDN) trunk.

    Can Noojee Fax convert MS-Word and other email attachments and send them as a fax?

    Noojee Fax supports a large number of file formats and its fairly easy to add additional attachment types via an external xml configuration file (NoojeeFax.xml).

    What file formats does Noojee Fax support 'out of the box'?

    File Type Mime Type Extension
    Acrobat PDF image/pdf, application/pdf PDF
    MS Word application/msword doc/dot
    Rich Text File application/rtf;text/rtf RTF
    Jpeg image/jpeg jpg;jpeg
    Plain Text File text/plain txt
    HTML text/html html;htm
    Open Office Writer application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.text;application/vnd.sun.xml.writer;application/vnd.stardivision.writer odt;ott;sxw;stw;sdw
    MS Excel application/msexcel xls
    Postscript image/postscript;application/postscript ps


    Can I use SpanDSP with Noojee Fax?

    We however don't recommend using SpanDSP if you are reselling a fax solution to a third party.
    SpanDSP is simply not reliable when it comes to sending large or high density (lots of black) faxes.
    We have also had a number of incidents with it crashing Asterisk.
    If you are using it for your own personal faxing purposes or just the occasional fax then SpanDSP is fine.

    Does Noojee Fax support the Digium Fax drivers - Fax for Asterisk?

    The commercial version of Noojee Fax includes a Digium Fax for Asterisk driver license for each Noojee Fax channel purchased.
    The open source version does not support the Digium Fax for Asterisk drivers at this stage.


    What fax resolutions does Noojee Fax support?

    The commercial version of Noojee Fax supports the following resolutions:


    Horizontal: 100 scan lines per inch

    Vertical: 100 scan lines per inch


    Horizontal: 200 or 204 scan lines per inch

    Vertical: 100 or 98 scan lines per inch


    Horizontal: 200 or 204 scan lines per inch

    Vertical: 200 or 196 scan lines per inch


    Horizontal: 200 or 204 scan lines per inch

    Vertical: 400 or 391 scan lines per inch


    How do I purge the queue?

    Sometimes incoming or outgoing faxes can get left in the queue without hope (or maybe desire) for them to be delivered.

    To remove these from the queue, just delete the associated files from the spool directory and then restart Noojee Fax:

    rm /var/spool/njfax/incoming/* /var/spool/njfax/outbox/* /var/spool/njfax/spool/* /var/spool/njfax/tmp/*
    /etc/init.d/njfax restart
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