Noojee Fax Editions

    There are two editions of Noojee Fax - OSE and CE.  Noojee Fax CE has a number of additional features the primary one being a commercial fax driver which provides reliable faxing for both PSTN and VoIP trunks. The commercial edition can also be extended with a number of Extensions to provide advanced functionality..

    Open Source Edition (OSE)

    Noojee Fax requires Trixbox, Elastix or Asterisk 1.4 or above with the spandsp (txfax, rxfax) extensions.

    Commercial Edition (CE)

    Noojee Fax requires Trixbox, Elastix or Asterisk 1.4 or above. Noojee Fax CE includes commercial fax drivers which work with both t.30 (PSTN) and t.38 (VoIP) trunks.

    Common Features

    • Built as an extension to Asterisk.
    • Support for inbound and outbound faxes
    • Integrated SMTP gateway provides a simple one stop install.
    • Support for a number of file formats including: Tiffg3, Postscript, PDF, Word, OpenOffice Writer.
    • Preview mode allows previewing of rendered faxes before they are sent.
    • Support for multiple Asterisk Channels as well as group channels (e.g. Zap/g0).
    • Send faxes without specialised Fax Modems (just use your existing Asterisk/Digium hardware).
    • Send faxes directly from MS-Word and OpenOffice Writer
    • No client side install required.
    • Send standard email (text or html) as fax or attach a Word, PDF, Writer etc.. for transmission as a fax.
    • Email body used as a Coversheet to attachments
    • Send multiple attachments in a single fax.
    • Send to multiple recipients in a single message by providing multiple 'To' addresses.
    • No special formatting required in the email.
    • Extensible support for additional file formats via simple xml configuration file.
    • Built-in test suite to aid in configuration and installation.
    • Automatic Archiving of all faxes to a designated mailbox.
    • Automatic Delivery receipts.
    • Customisable routing of inbound and outbound faxes to specific file system locations, e-mail addresses and more.
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