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    This document is intended as a guide in the administration of Noojee Administrator. Noojee Administrator is the user interface for the management of the Noojee PBX and for a number of other products sold by Noojee Telephony Solutions. This document explains how to use Noojee Administrator only.

    Note: individual companies will only have access to services within Noojee Adminsitrator that they require and/or have purchased, thus some buttons will display in grey to indicate they are not active and some menu items listed in this manual will not appear in the menu list of Noojee Administrator.

    The facilities accessed through Noojee Administrator are:

    User Features

    User Management


    Though the following products are not accessed via Noojee Administrator they will not be explained in this manual.


    This document is aimed at the administrators that are required to manage the configuration and operation of Noojee Administrator and the facilities of the other services.

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