Noojee Provision

    Noojee Provision for Asterisk

    The following provides a brief guide to installing and using Noojee Provision for Asterisk.

    Noojee Provision is a service for the automatic configuration of handsets for Asterisk. Once setup a new handset can be added to Asterisk simply by plugging the handset into a LAN point and waiting for approximately 60 seconds after which calls can be made from the phone.

    Noojee Provision requires that Asterisk is configured to utilize reatltime SIP and that phones are configured using DHCP. The DHCP service needs to be configurable to allow the addition of an 'option tftp-server-name'.

    Noojee Provision is a java application which needs to be run as a daemon and it needs access to the Asterisk realtime database.

    Noojee Provision is able to detect and configure multiple handset types on a single network.

    How it works

    Noojee Provision utilizes an organizations pre-existing DHCP service to allocate the phone an IP address and to instruct the phone to connect to Noojee Provision to obtain its configuration information.
    Noojee Provision is able to detect the brand (manufacturer) of the phone and provide a manufacturer specific configuration file to control the phones operation. Detecting the brand of the phone allows Noojee Provision to operate in an office environment where phones from multiple manufacturers are used.
    Noojee Provision allows ALL of the manufacturer specific features to be configured on each phone.  Unlike most handset configuration services Noojee Provision does not require the pre-entry of each phones MAC address. Instead Noojee Provision is able to detect the phones MAC address and IP address during the configuration process. As part of the configuration process Noojee Provision connects to Asterisk and creates a SIP entry so that the phone can instantly register with the Asterisk PABX once the configuration process has completed.
    If the phone is disconnected or reset Noojee Provision ensures that the phone is allocated the same extension number each time.
    Noojee Provision ships with sample configuration files for a number of phone manufacturers and additional configuration files can easily be created.

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