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    Noojee Recorder can provide the ability to record all telephone calls made in and out of your company. Noojee Recorder provides the ability to locate the telephone call recordings based on various search criteria and retrieve and listen to those telephone recordings.

    Noojee Voice Signature is based on Noojee Recorder. The key difference is that Noojee Recorder normally operates in continuous recording mode where as Noojee Voice Signature normally operates in ad hoc mode. Noojee Voice Signature also has the added ability to capture a unique transaction id, via the handsets key pad, as part of each recording.

    For the most part Noojee Recorder and Noojee Voice signature can be treated as being inter-changeable. Exceptions will be noted in the documentation.

    Noojee Recorder provides a number of features to which assist with the management of recordings including:

    • access control

    • auditing

    • encryption

    • retention control

    • archiving

    • multi-leg recording

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