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    Workforce Management (WFM) allows you to Roster staff including their breaks and measure staff compliance to their Roster.

    For inbound teams WFM also allows you to forcecast staffing levels based on historical data.

    WFM provides:

    • Forecasting for inbound teams
    • Drag and Drop Rostering
    • Roster's emailed to staff
    • Automatic Roster notification changes to affected staff
    • Scrolling Roster Wallboard
    • Standard shift templates
    • Auto fill feature
    • Prioritise 'preferred' agents
    • Guarenteed shifts
    • Shift reservations (where a specific role must be filled)
    • Scheduling of breaks
    • Per team rostering
    • Compliance reporting

    WFM allows you to describe each staff members:

    • Availablity - when I'm availble to work if needed
    • Preferences - when I prefer to work
    • Templates - when I'm normally rostered on, including what breaks are allocated

    wfm-resize break.png





    A slice of a roster showing required staffing levels (thing vertical purple lines), agents allocated and a break (orange) being resized.

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